It runs in the family

Troy Seyfer formed Seyfer Specialties in 2013 as a sideline to his father’s very successful Seyfer Automotive, a mainstay of the Wheat Ridge community since 1961. Troy and his brother spent many hours helping Don at the family automotive business as early as elementary school. They grew up with cars and dirty hands, finding they had the same passion and aptitude for auto mechanics as Don. The company was and is a traditional auto repair shop, well-known for maintaining and repairing late-model (1997 and newer) domestic and Japanese vehicles.

In the mid-90s Troy went his own way in the corporate IT world, but his passion was still car restoration, and he continued to rebuild cars in his spare time. Finally, after 15 years, when he realized he couldn’t spend as much time with his cars as he’d like, Troy left the corporate world. With his father’s blessing, he purchased the property next door to Seyfer Automotive and opened Seyfer Specialties, where he and his team tackle pre-1980s classic car and hot rod mechanical restorations.

Troy has worked hard to build the company to the point where Seyfer Specialties has become a premier hot rod, muscle car and classic car mechanical transformation shop in metro Denver. He and his team expertly restore these classic-era cars with original or upgraded systems and features.

Don passed away in 2020 and now Troy and his wife Tinamarie oversee operations at Seyfer Automotive as well. Far from that being a distraction, though, Troy sees and takes advantage of the synergies between the shops in terms of equipment and expertise to enhance service levels for new and long-time customers of both.